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  • I. Real Estate Brokerage Relationships

    A Glossary of real estate definitions and terms to help you understand the "legalese" of real estate contracts and the conversation of real estate buying and selling.

  • II. Real Estate Terms

    In real estate the relationships between all the parties involved can be very complicated and is governed by a myriad of laws and regulations by both the federal government and realtor boards. It is best to understand what role you play in these interactions and how they affect you.

  • III. Foreclosure Terms

    Real estate foreclosures are a whole new ball game and have a complete dictionary of terms explain and understand these transactions. We tried to list some of them here to help you understand the process.

Home Buying Articles  

Buying Real Estate in Greenville, SC |  Steps to Buying a New Home

  1. Buying | Benefits of Owning Your Own Home in Greenville County

  2. Buying | Things to Avoid When Buying a Home

  3. Buying | Greenville's Market

  4. Buying | Comparable Sales

  5. Buying | Real Estate Pricing

  6. Buying | Making An Offer & Closing

Home Selling Articles

Greenville Real Estate Property Listing Tips   |    Steps to Selling Your House

  1. Selling | Getting A House Ready To Sell

  2. Selling | Interior Tips

  3. Selling | Curb Appeal

  4. Selling | Pricing Your Home

  5. Selling | Listing Commissions

  6. Selling | Marketing Your Home



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