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The new Lake Conestee Mill is being built/renovated and will soon have townhomes for Sale in the Conestee Mill development a new historic property with waterfront living on the Reedy River in Greenville, SC. Features include 65 apartments, townhomes, a brewery, restaurants, retail and office space. 

Conestee_mill_realestate_greenville_scConestee Mill rendering from @conesteemill

This location has access to Lake Conestee Nature Park and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is a wonderful location, within walking distance, and in fact, part of the park adds tremendous value to any home or real estate purchase. Adding to this location the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which we frequently mention and feature in our blogs, is an even bigger asset as it ties Lake Conestee Mill into the larger Greenville, South Carolina scene. The trail takes residents all the way to Furman and Travelers Rest on a wonderful Saturday outing. Property values of anything along any even suggested routes of the swamp rabbit trail have skyrocketed in recent years. This was a very smart move by the developers of the Conestee Mill. 

Homes for sale in Conestee Mill will historical significance as well. The mill was associated with the textile industry during its hay day between 1880-1920, and after than until 1960. The alterations to this mill are a prime example of the changes that took place in the textile industry during those time periods. The actual first mill building was built in 1876, with many additions after that time until 1950. The mill had a company store, office, and post office that was built in 1919. These supported a mill village and community for decades. 

The Conestee dam, spillway and lake were built prior to 1976, but were enhanced in 1892. The mill was a large employer in the area and turned a profit from its opening until it closed in 1939. It was re-opened in 1946 until 1971. Now it will take on a new life as a multi-use development.


Sources: Greenville News Online, SC Dept of Archives and History, Upstate Business Journal. 

Original plans for the site are shown below.




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