City Club of Greenville: Revamped & Ready

city club of greenville sc

Exciting news reverberates through Greenville as the $1.75 million renovation transforms the renowned social hub formerly known as The Commerce Club into the City Club of Greenville. Established four decades ago on the 17th floor of One Liberty Square in downtown Greenville, this iconic establishment has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Rebranded with a fresh new name, logo, and a modern interior design that seamlessly integrates local natural elements, the City Club of Greenville is set to redefine hospitality standards in the city.

Providing protected self-parking, this venue offers a coffee concierge service and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It boasts 360-degree panoramic views and provides shared and individual workspaces. Additionally, the space hosts monthly member activities and events, making it suitable for weddings, rehearsal dinners, business meetings, conferences, and more.

The comprehensive redesign extends its influence across every facet of the 17th floor, breathing new life into its ballrooms, lounge, meeting rooms, bar, and dining areas. The result is a harmonious blend of sophistication and local charm, creating an ambiance that reflects the vibrant spirit of Greenville. This revitalized space not only pays homage to its rich history but also sets the stage for a new era of social and cultural gatherings, promising a memorable experience for its members and guests alike.