Anderson County SC is home to roughly 200 industries and is growing.  In 2010, many manufacturing jobs in Anderson County became available. In the past 7 years, new employment has added up to 4,247 new jobs. With new employment opportunities, Anderson County continues to grow.  Economic developers are approaching a new opportunity with the creation of the Anderson Technology & Manufacturing Center.  Innovate Anderson has taken on a project to create a development that will be on a 220-acre park purchased in 2016 for $3.9 Million.  Constructing a 50,000 square-foot spec building on one of the two 100,000 square foot pads is in the planning stages.  The additional 100,000 square foot pad will already be in place when the opportunity to expand arises. Anderson SC real estate is picking up along with the additions of employment and new businesses.  By having commercial pads available to build on at this location as well as at Alliance Industrial Park, a 200 acre site in Piedmont and vacant land at Clemson University Advanced, Anderson County feels they are opening the door a little wider, inviting companies to settle into the area. These jobs and companies increase the income of the local people employed by them as well as bringing in new people to the area. Both these factors increase the available money in the local economy and therefore quality of life in Anderson County. More money in the local area increases the home prices because people can afford to fix up or buy more expensive homes and more homes are needed to meet this demand. It's all good for Anderson, SC real estate
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