Jobs They Are A-Coming

Help Wanted

Local employers seem to be more confident about the second quarter this year and according to a recent Manpower survey, 21% of local employers that were interviewed anticipate hiring during this time. According to Manpower, that puts the Greenville-Mauldin-Easley in a tie for second place nationally with Tulsa, Oklahoma, behind number one Lexinton-Fayette, KY. Those are impressive numbers.

Large local companies have also made similar announcements that the region is gaining traction in the battle against unemployment. Greenville’s GE plans to add 150 workers to keep up demand for upgrades and repairs to existing gas turbine systems. Verizon wireless is hiring 135 in the next two months for its field service and technical support calls, which will add to its current local employee base of 1200. Auto transmission producer ZF is building a new plant in Gray Court and will add at least 900 workers; they are taking jobs for managerial positions at this time but the bulk of the jobs will come later when the plant is finished in 2012.

Stone Avenue Development PlanDowntown Greenville

Greenville City approved in principle a Stone Avenue master plan that hopes to improve the appearance and traffic flow of the east Stone area. The long-term plan calls for a reduction in traffic lanes from four to three, with street front development, parking behind the businesses, and creating more green space. The plan hopes to mirror the success had in the West Stone area where businesses have invested and begun to thrive. The area is within walking distance from the Hyatt downtown, and could turn into an attractive shopping district. There will be some controversy over how the traffic dynamics will change however, since Stone is a busy corridor around the central downtown.

Road ExpansionOpen Road

Drivers on Batesville Road between Highway 14 and Anderson Ridge Road may be in for a pleasant surprise if a DOT widening project gets approved. Currently the road experiences heavy traffic at peak times, and makes it difficult for residents of the Pelham Falls subdivision to enter Batesville. The plan calls for an extra lane, sidewalks, a new bridge over Rocky Creek, and new lights at Pelham Falls Drive and Anderson Ridge Road. Residents are happy…the sidewalks and bike paths would make the trek to the nearby by commercial zone at Highway 14 much more appealing and safe. Drivers coming from the Five Forks area will also find a more free flowing route toward the GSP airport and Pelham Road businesses.

New Gas Mart

Spinx Co., a local and ubiquitous chain of convenience gas marts, plans to build a large, high-tech fueling station at Highway 101, just north of I-85, and near the BMW Manufacturing Corp. The 5,300 square foot building will replace the current Spinx/Burger King and have 24 fueling stations with energy efficient technology. It will also function as more of a high end convenience store with pizza, salads, and more healthy fresh food choices than the standard Spinx fare. Construction is slated to begin in May.

Current Weather

Greenville SC WeatherSpring is upon us with flowers and trees starting to bud out, but Mother Nature is keeping us a bit cold this week. Highs early in the week should be in the 50s, and will stay around 60 as we get some rain midweek. Clearing and highs in the upper 60s by the weekend.