Off highway 25 between Cherrydale and Travelers Rest, Furman University put a solar farm together spanning a six acre plot of land. That's old news as it has been there since last year.  However, a new addition is once again calling attention to the side of the road. Twelve sheep (4 ewes and 8 lambs) moved in this summer!  With just 6 solar panels shy of 3,000, it is no small job to keep the grass from over crowding the panels. By adding a 4-legged crew of our grass munching friends to the solar farm they hope maintaining the grass, especially under the panels will be more manageable. It is a time consuming necessity which currently has to be maintained by hand. Having lawn mowers around the solar panels also poses a risk of damage and the sheep can alleviate that potential problem as well. Hopefully it will be a win-win for all involved!
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