June, National Homeownership Month, is a month of recognition for the benefits of homeownership across communities in America.

Potential homebuyers are encouraged to explore incentives during National Homeownership Month. These incentives can look like home buyer education programs, down payment assistance, mortgage rate reductions, tax credits and deductions, or closing cost assistance.


Incentives can come from different sources like financial institutions, government programs and real estate developers. Research local programs and talk with lenders and real estate professionals to find out what may be available to you before your search begins.

Current homeowners are encouraged to take pride in their accomplishment of homeownership. Cherish the opportunity to make some improvements creating a space that truly reflects your personal style and aspirations.

Enhance Curb Appeal: Repaint the front door, install new house numbers, upgrade the mailbox, and add some greenery with vibrant plants and flowers.

Upgrade Lighting: Consider adding task lighting in work areas, installing dimmers for flexibility, and incorporating outdoor lighting to highlight architectural features or create an inviting atmosphere.

Create Functional Storage: Maximize storage space by installing built-in shelves, adding organizers to closets, or utilizing underutilized areas like under-stair storage or garage walls.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Create a cozy patio with comfortable seating, add a fire pit for gatherings, or install a pergola or awning for shade.

Weather Update

Overnight lows are hovering in the low 60s this week. There's a chance for thunderstorms almost every day, but only 30%. Earley in the week, highs are between 80 - 85, but come Friday you will want to get out your sunscreen, we anticipate a high of 90.