Kids having FunWow, we have had a big week with our website. Our search site was struck by lightening so no one could search for properties...luckily we had been working on a new website and search solution so we turned on the new site and have been working like crazy to get the home search up and running. CRAZY. So sorry if anyone was caught in the chaos. So now everyone gets to try out our cool new system which I find to be much more user friendly.

Let me tell you some neat new things about the new website. One big one is that our blog will now be part of our site! We will be posting our newsletters monthly for all to see and enjoy. Check out some of our older newsletters at they are pretty informative about things happening in the Greenville SC area. When we hear about anything that makes us go WOW, well we know we need to post it for everyone to see.

The website is also much easier to navigate and get around in. If you find it to be difficult, please tell me, i love to make things better. 

Thanks for your attention, enjoy the new site!

P.S. What's the picture about? Kaitlyn Rose is very excited about the NEW WEB SITE! HA....